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Kansas State Representative Paul Davis

Kansas Families for Education PAC

Adina Morse

Deena Burnett, LEA president

Nancy Thellman, Douglas County Commissioner

"As a Douglas County Commissioner, I know first hand how important it is to have elected leaders who work well together. It's a real pleasure working with Vanessa. She's a proven leader on the school board, always putting our kids' best interests first. I appreciate her commitment to this important work and am so glad she's willing to serve again."

Mark Bradford, Lawrence Fire Chief and USD497 BOE member

Chuck Epp

Jerry Jost

“I have watched Vanessa listen attentively to the ideas and concerns of individuals about education. Her past experience on the school board has given her a solid understanding of the issues and opportunities within our school district. Returning Vanessa to our school board will bring both continuity and a renewed commitment to improving public education throughout our community.”

Marcel Harmon

“During Vanessa’s 1st term on the school board I have had the great pleasure of working with her as the board’s representative to Woodlawn’s site council and during the pre-bond planning process. I have consistently been impressed with her grasp of the issues, her willingness to listen and respond to community member concerns, her organizational and communication skills, and above all, her passion for equitably providing our children with the best education possible. I endorse Vanessa Sanburn for School Board.”

Lynne Green

Professor Alice Lieberman

Eliza Nichols

Vickie Randel

Rich Minder

"I support Vanessa for School Board because she has proven herself. At this difficult time in the Kansas Legislature, we need Vanessa’s experience to make the difficult choices that our community must deal with to ensure that all of our children have what they need to succeed in school and in life."

Boog Highberger

"I wholeheartedly support the re-election of Vanessa Sanburn to the USD 497 School Board. She listens, she works hard, and she is dedicated to making sure that every child in this district gets a good education. I am really pleased that Vanessa is willing to take on this sometimes thankless job for another four years.”

Marianne Wille

“I support Vanessa because she is a thoughtful advocate for children and a friend to everyone.”

Stefanie Olson

"I always appreciate Vanessa's thoughtful and caring approach to finding solutions for our schools that keep the kids as the primary focus. I feel that she is doing this job because she wants all the children in Lawrence to be well served. So often it seems like candidates are focused on the budget or other political interests and lose sight of the fact that there are real children who will be affected by the decisions made. I have never felt that Vanessa forgets the children or makes a decision because it is popular or will benefit a political interest; she acts for the children. It is so refreshing to have a candidate on the school board who is not only intelligent, thoughtful, in possession of common sense but but also has a heart."

Mark Olson

"Vanessa Sanburn doesn't suck - not even a little."

Jackie Stafford

Cari Davis

Josh Davis

Cori Green

Professor Rosemary Chapin

“Vanessa Sanburn’s education and personal experiences as a parent of a child in Lawrence’s public schools have contributed to her solid track record on the School Board. Her re-election will keep Lawrence schools in good hands.”

Judy Paley

Professor Margaret Severson

“Vanessa is a critical thinker with an eye on the future of Lawrence public schools and a commitment to making sure all voices are heard as the district faces policy, social, and economic challenges. Her School Board experience, her passion for education and for ensuring the continuation of a healthy educational system, and her knowledge of and commitment to families with diverse educational needs make her an excellent candidate for re-election.”

Jessica Beeson

“Vanessa faced budget cuts, a school closure and heightened community involvement during her first term on the BOE. Through it all, she actively sought input from her constituents, made difficult decisions and showed incredible leadership. She is passionate about keeping our district strong and forward-thinking and is a wonderful advocate for Lawrence kids.”

Marilyn Hull

“I've been impressed with Vanessa's command of issues, willingness to listen, and follow through. She has taken a genuine interest in creating healthier school environments.”

CJ Brune

Sue McDaneld

“Vanessa is thoughtful, insightful and always has the best interest of the children of Lawrence as her primary consideration. She definitely has my support for another term.”

Jenny Skillman

"I support the re-election of Vanessa to the school board because I have seen her work hard—showing both passion and compassion during tough times. She is a thoughtful and articulate communicator who listens first and speaks second, and it is clear that equitable and excellent education for all Lawrence children is what drives her."

Nancy O’Connor

"Vanessa is open, receptive and respectful of varied opinions and new ideas. She's clear thinking, and brings a very balanced and intelligent approach to her position on the School Board. We're fortunate to have her as a voice for our children."

Alee Phillips

"I have had the privilege of working with Vanessa on several USD 497 issues over the past four years. She is a proven leader who always keeps the best interests of our children and our community at heart. I strongly support her re-election to the Board of Education and encourage you to do the same."

Jeremy Farmer

Maren Santelli

Mandy Enfield

Emily Hester

Allison Lopez

Nancy Hamilton

Jenny Robken Mehmedovic

Emily Markoulatos

Jenny McKee

Amy Bertrand

Michelle Iwig-Harmon

Bruce Passman, Former Deputy of Lawrence Public Schools

Vanessa understands the critical importance of the relationship between a strong public education system and a vibrant, expanding economy. Lawrence can count on her to advocate for the needs of its children and the school systems that serve them.

Bianca Storlazzi

Besides being on the school board, Vanessa is also on the board of the Community mercantile Education Foundation which coordinates the many school gardens in our fine community.

Lora Jost

In addition to being a strong leader Vanessa is a lovely person and very approachable. She has always listened to my concerns and provided timely feedback regarding them.

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